You can make notes about an interaction during the interaction or while in after call work (ACW). If you enter notes for an interaction and then transfer that interaction to another agent, the notes remain with the interaction. Because notes are part of the interaction, the receiving agent can also see them.

  1. Click Notes
  2. Type any notes about the interaction. Genesys Cloud saves the notes automatically. 

View notes previously entered by another agent

If you enter notes on an interaction and then transfer the interaction, the next agent to answer the interaction can see the previously entered notes. The Notes icon displays an orange notification badge to indicate that a previous agent entered a note. To see previously entered notes for an interaction, click Notes

The note history for the interaction appears in the Notes window. 

Enter any new notes in the Type your notes here… field.

  • Any notes that you enter after you transfer an interaction are available to the next agent after you complete ACW.
  • For callback interactions, notes are not available until you begin a call with the recipient.

View notes for previous interactions

If you want to see notes that you entered for a previous interaction, do the following:

  1. Click Performance > Workspace.
  2. Under Interactions, click the interaction you want to see notes for.
  3. The notes for that interaction appear in the Wrap-up Information section.