Download contact list records

Use the Export option to download contact list records as a comma delimited format file to:

  • View the results from the most recent campaign.
  • Check for any recent changes due to new or updated rules or agent assignments.

The Export option is available when you edit an existing contact.

  1. Click Admin.

  2. Under Outbound Dialing, click List Management.

  3. Click the Contact Lists tab.

  4. Click a link in the Name column of the list that you want to download.
    Figure shows where to click to open a contact list for editing.

    Note: To open a contact list entry from the Contact Management page, click a link in the Contact List column.

  5. Click Export.
    Figure shows button used to export records from a contact list.
  6. The system displays a wait indicator while it prepares the download file. wait
    When the file is ready, click Click here to download.
    Figure shows link used to download contact records.The system sends the file to your browser’s download folder. Remain on the page without refreshing until you receive a notification that the export is complete.

The file name is a system generated prefix, followed by the contact list name. For example:


For best results, manage file contents using a spreadsheet. However, since the format of .csv is plain text, you can edit the file using a plain text editor.

  • Attempts to download the same list again before the export is complete result in an error.
  • Once the export completes, you can re-select records to download. Click Re-export.

Internally generated columns in .csv data files

Exported .csv files contain several system-generated columns, in addition to the columns uploaded from the contact list properties, such as phone number, phone type, and zip code.

Column Description Example  The contact’s internally generated contact id.

Indicates whether the contact is available to be called.

1 is callable. 0 is uncallable.

Note: Administrators can also mark contacts as uncallable through a rule action or the API.


The time zone that the system mapped to the contact’s zip code. 

The field is blank if no zip code was provided. If “Undetermined” appears in the field, the provided zip code is invalid.

For more information, see Automatic time zone mapping.

CallRecordLastAttempt–[Phone type]

The date and time of the last call attempt to this contact. This time appears in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

The field is blank if the contact list has not been added to a campaign.

CallRecordLastResult–[Phone type]

The system-generated or agent-assigned wrap-up code for the last call attempt.

For information about system-generated wrap-up codes, see Wrap-up codes assigned to outbound dialing.

CallRecordLastAgentWrapup–[Phone type]

The last wrap-up code that an agent assigned for this number.

The field is blank if an agent never assigned a wrap-up code.

Callable–[Phone type] Indicates whether this number is available to be called. 1 is callable. 0 is uncallable.

AutomaticTimeZone–[Phone type]

The time zone that the system mapped to this number.

If “Undetermined” appears in the field, the number is an invalid NANP number.

For more information, see Automatic time zone mapping.