Edit a contact list entry

Display the properties of a contact list

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Outbound, click List Management.
  3. Click the Contact Lists tab.
  4. In the Name column, select the contact list name.
    The contact list properties display.

Edit the properties of a contact list

  • To rename the contact list, type a new name in the Contact List Name
  • To change the division of the contact list, in the Division box, select a different division. The default is Home Division.
  • To upload contacts from a delimiter-separated file, switch the Use File Specification Template toggle to Yes, and select a file specification template. For more information, see Create a File Specification template.
  • Use Append additional contacts from a .csv or Excel file to import a contact list from a file. For more information, see Append records to a contact list.
  • To trim whitespace in your contact list, switch the Trim leading/trailing whitespace toggle to Yes. The default is No

Contact List Columns

  • The Phone Columns box displays the contact list column names and type.
  • If your contact list has a column that contains the time zone of a phone number, select that column from the Time Zone Column box. This step is a prerequisite for configuring contactable time sets. If you plan to use automatic time zone mapping, skip this step.
  • If you configured the contact list for automatic time zone mapping, click the globe icon to preview the mapping results


  • (Optional) Select an entry from the Attempt Control list. Attempt controls restrict the number of calling attempts to a contact record or phone number on a specific day or in total.
    Note: Attempt control is supported only for phone numbers, not email addresses. For more information, see How to limit contact attempts.


When your editing is complete, click Save.

Actions for a contact list 

Use the following actions to export a contact list, clear the contacts from a contact list, or use the contact list editor to manage contacts in a contact list.

Action Description
Export To export all contacts, click Export
Clear List To delete all contacts from the contact list, click Clear List
Edit Contacts To open the contact list editor, click Edit Contacts. For more information, see Edit contacts in a contact list.