Easily manage list data. Maintain large contact lists and do-not-call lists.

Manage lists of persons you want to call, or lists of persons never to call. You can:

  • Upload lists.
  • Append data to lists.
  • Download list data with system-generated columns that indicate when each contact was last attempted, and what happened on that call attempt.
  • Assign contact lists to campaigns.
  • Limit the number of times a contact record or numbers may be called.
  • Apply a filter to limit the dialing to only those contacts that match the filter.
  • Use automatic time zone mapping to determine compliant dialing times for contacts in a contact list.
  • Use Contact list editor to manage contacts in a contact list.

Each entry in a list view is a collection of details about a table used to store phone numbers. Lists are created by uploading records in comma-separated value (.csv) format. Administer each type of list on a separate tab.