1. Click Admin.

  2. Under Outbound, click List Management.

  3. Click the Do Not Contact Lists tab.

  4. Click a link in the Name column corresponding to the list you want to download. 

    Figure shows where to click to open a DNC list for editing.

  5. In the properties view, click Export.

    Figure shows button used to export records from a DNC list.

    The system displays a wait indicator while it prepares the download file.


    When the file is ready, a link titled “Click here to download” replaces the Export waiting indicator.

    Figure shows link used to download DNC records.

  6. Click Click here to download.

    The system sends the file to your browser’s download folder. The file name is a system-generated prefix, followed by the DNC list name. For example:


    For best results, use a spreadsheet to manage file contents. However, since the format of .csv is plain text, you can use a plain text editor to edit it. 

    Tip: To reselect records to download, click Re-export.

  • Exported DNC lists include an expiration DateTime column displaying the current values, and a column including the DateTime when the value was last modified. 
  • When you export a file with a DNC List Type Internal –  Custom, the exported file contains a CustomExclusionColumnEntries column, listing the values that are used to match against the value in the custom exclusion column of the contact list, for a contact. If there is a match, the contact is blocked.