Assign a new evaluation


  • Quality Administrator default role
  • Genesys Cloud Supervisor default role or Analytics > Conversation Detail > View assigned to any user role

In some contact center organizations, quality evaluators are responsible for identifying interactions to evaluate.

Note: To automatically assign evaluations, you can create a policy.
  1. Click Performance > Interactions.
  2. Use the interaction filters to identify target interactions.
  3. Click an interaction.
    For more information, see View an interaction’s details.
  4. To assign a new evaluation, click the Quality Summary tab.
  5. Click Add New Evaluation.
  6. Add the following information:
    • Evaluation form—The questionnaire used to score the evaluation.
    • Use as Calibration—Indicates whether to use the evaluation for calibration. If you choose Yes, enter the following information:
      • Evaluators—Evaluators assigned to score the interaction.
      • Scoring Index Options—Indicates how to create a scoring index. You can choose:
        • None—Scores are not compared against an index.
        • Create Scoring Index—Allows you to evaluate the interaction and measure scores against your responses.
        • Expert Evaluator—Measures scores against an expert evaluator’s score.
    • Evaluator—The quality evaluator assigned to evaluate the interaction.
  7. Click Save to assign the new evaluation.