The following permissions:

  • Quality > Evaluation > Edit Score

For more information, see Quality management roles and permissions.

  1. Click Performance > Overview.
  2. Click Quality Evaluator.
  3. Under Completed Interactions, click a completed interaction.
  4. At the bottom of the questionnaire, click Revise Score.


    In case of evaluations created on and after February 19 00:00 GMT, 2024, the input character limit is:

    • 4000 characters for overall evaluation comments and agent comments when an evaluation is revised;
    • 4000 characters for evaluator comments and review comments;
    • 2000 characters for private comments and answer comments.
  5. Inspect the evaluation and rescore as you see fit.

The following points only apply to quality evaluation scores used as gamification metrics.

  • In case of the quality evaluation score metric, if an evaluator rescores the metric after 6 days, Genesys Cloud ignores the rescore and does not adjust the gamification points.
  • When you rescore an evaluation, the original score disappears. Only the new score remains visible.
  • If you save but do not submit a rescore, the evaluation remains unreleased. In this case, Genesys Cloud removes the points given for that specific evaluation.
  • If you release a rescore with a new release date, Genesys Cloud allocates gamification points to the new release date and removes them from the old release date. This is applicable within the 6 days of the rescore period only.