Assign a default phone


  • Telephony > Phone > Assign permission

Users can select their phone, but we recommend that administrators assign a default phone for users. After assigning a default phone to a user, it is preselected for that user on initial login as well as the station if the user is currently logged out.

Note: A phone is only selected on initial login and then retains the end user’s most recent selection for the next login.

To assign a default phone, perform these steps:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under People and Permissions, click People.
  3. Find the user to which you want to assign a phone. 
  4. Click More  and from the menu that appears, click Edit Person.
  5. Click the Phone tab.
  6. In the Default Phone box, begin typing the name of the phone and select it from the list.
  7. To set the phone to automatically answer when an ACD call arrives for this user, turn on Auto Answer.
  8. In the Timeout Seconds box, type the number of seconds for an incoming call to alert a user before Genesys Cloud sends the call to voicemail. 
    • The maximum is 59 seconds. After 59 seconds, the call automatically rolls to voicemail.
    • If you set Timeout Seconds here, it overrides any global timeout setting that you set. You cannot revert to the global timeout setting.
  9. Click Save.