• Directory > User > All permission

A user’s profile includes contact information, relationships, locations, skills and certifications, education, and more. Manage user profile information on the Person Details tab.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under People & Permissions, click People.
  3. To edit user settings, do the following:
    1. Navigate to the user you want to modify. The URL displays the user ID of the user you selected. For example, https://<your domain>>/user-ID/roles. [/bs_well]
    2. Click More 
    3. From the menu that appears, click Edit Person.
  4. Click the Person Details tab. The view opens in edit mode.
  5. Edit the user’s profile data.
  6. To view the public-facing profile, click View Public Profile.
    Note:  If users do not have a manager, they do not appear in the hierarchy views.