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The standalone features setting is designed to allow you to configure a phone for use in a conference room or other common area where anyone can use it. In other words, a phone with the standalone features enabled will not be assigned to a specific user.

For more information, see Enable standalone features.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Phone Management.
  3. Select the standalone phone you want.
  4. Under the Phone tab, confirm that Standalone Features is set to On.
  5. Click the Line Keys tab.
  6. In the Key Label box, enter a key label name.

  • The Key Label box is pre-populated with the Key Label name in the Base Line Appearance field.
  • Key Label names appear next to the function keys on the physical phone.
  1. Enter a name in the Line Appearance Id box. (The Line Appearance Id field does not allow spaces or symbols.)
  2. The Span appearance to remaining keys check box is selected by default. 
  3. You must set up a DID number or an Extension when configuring a standalone phone
    • To add a DID number, fill in the DID box.
      Note: When a DID is the emergency callback number (ANI), confirm that the DID number is registered with your carrier to show the correct address for emergency services.
    • To add an extension, fill in the Extensions box and click Plus .
  4. Click Save Phone.