Fair use API on-demand charges

Genesys Cloud API enables users to create personalized journeys for their customers, automate more tasks, drive efficiencies and introduce new technologies into their customer experience platform without large professional services costs. We encourage our customers to use the Genesys Cloud API to customize Genesys Cloud for their business needs to drive better outcomes. In order to ensure a great experience for all customers, Genesys monitors the API usage under our fair use policy. Genesys has intentionally designed our fair usage allocations to be generous. Genesys wants to continue encouraging customers to build with the API and use AppFoundry integrations to customize their customer experiences. For these reasons, most applications and integrations can be implemented under the fair use policy.

Fair use policy

Genesys Cloud offers a robust public API that enables customers to build integrations between Genesys Cloud and their own software and systems, as well as third party apps and extensions. Genesys offers all customers a fair use policy for the Genesys Cloud API. Customers can use the API up to the “fair use” amounts allocated by user without charge. Customers can track their usage of the API against their expected monthly allocation in Genesys Cloud Admin. Customers who use the Genesys Cloud API beyond the fair use allocations are charged per API request over their allotment. Genesys Cloud provides fair use allocations for your organization by counting the number of billable users of each license type during the period, and applying the allowance shown in the table below for each user to determine the total amount of allocated API requests for your organization during the period.

API request allocation in the subscription plan

Your Genesys Cloud plan includes a robust allocation of Genesys Cloud public API requests. API requests generated by Genesys Cloud for internal authentication or as part of the basic operation of the software are not considered billable nor are included in the calculation. The monthly API request allocation for your Genesys Cloud org is based on the following calculation:

License  Named Concurrent  Hourly
Communicate 10,000 N/A N/A
Genesys Cloud 1 75,000 97,500 676
Genesys Cloud 2 110,000 143,000 991
Genesys Cloud 3 140,000 182,000 1261

API request on-demand charge example

Example: If company A purchases a Genesys Cloud 2 named user plan for 20 agents, they would have a combined API request allocation of 2,200,000 per month for their Genesys Cloud org. The combined API request allocation is a result of the 110,000 API requests allotment per billable agent and the number of agents (20). The company is billed for all API requests over 2,200,000 each month at a rate of $0.0001 USD per request (one hundredth of one cent). If the company generated 3,000,000 API requests, they would exceed their monthly allotment by 800,000 requests (3,000,000 – 2,200,000 = 800,000) and would incur an API on-demand charge of $80 USD for that month (800,000 requests * $0.0001). 

API on-demand charge price and product information

If your organization exceeds the above allocation in a given month, you are billed at the rate below for API Requests consumed over the allocation amount.

Genesys Cloud API on-demand charge for PC-170-NV-APIOVER

This charge is applied to Genesys Cloud customers who exceed their API request allocation. API on-demand charge is billed at the price below per request over the allowance (see table above), charged monthly.




0.0001 0.00011 0.00013 0.00014 0.00007 0.00008 0.0003 0.012 0.00142
Date Revision
November 4, 2020

Changed the term “overage” to “on-demand.”

July 24, 2019

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