Fair use routing usage charges

Fair use policy

Genesys has a fair use policy for Basic Routing / IVR for Genesys Cloud. Customers can use up to the “fair use” basic IVR amounts allocated by user without charge. Basic IVR is consumed when using inbound call, outbound call and secure call flows and includes the full set of features detailed further below. In-queue call flows are not part of basic IVR and do not count against the IVR usage. Tools are provided to track actual basic IVR usage. Customers who exceed the basic IVR allocation are billed a charge per minute per month as outlined in this article. The fair use allocations are provided for your organization by counting the number of billable users of each license type during the period, and applying the allowance shown in the table below for each user to determine the total amount of allocated IVR minutes for your organization during the period.

IVR usage charges overview

     IVR basic includes these features:

    • DTMF
    • Set Language
    • Transfer to Queue
    • Play Audio
    • Decision Trees
    • Switch Statements
    • Menus, Transfers, Disconnects
    • External Data Dips
    • Genesys native ASR
    • Genesys native TTS

    IVR usage allowance in the subscription 

    All Genesys Cloud plans include an allocation of Basic IVR for each Genesys Cloud seat with the allocated minutes shown below:

    License IVR Allocation (minutes)
    Communicate 500
    Genesys Cloud 1 (Named) 1750
    Genesys Cloud 2 (Named) 2500
    Genesys Cloud 3 (Named) 3250
    Genesys Cloud 1 (Concurrent) 2275
    Genesys Cloud 2 (Concurrent) 3250
    Genesys Cloud 3 (Concurrent) 4225

    For example, if you have (20) Genesys Cloud 2 named seats active in a certain month, you will receive 50,000 basic IVR minutes that month. Unused minutes do not carry over to the next month.

    Basic IVR charge 

    If your organization exceeds the above allocation in a given month, you will be billed at the rate below for basic IVR minutes consumed over the allocation amount.

    Genesys Cloud IVR Basic Per Minute Charge


    This charge is used for billing customers for IVR Basic consumption.
    0.01 0.011 0.013 0.014 0.007 0.008 0.03 1.00 0.14
    Note: A session timer measures IVR usage. The session timer records a session duration that starts at the IVR flow initiation and ends at the end of IVR flow execution. These session durations are then aggregated to monthly IVR duration values for the billing period. The timer measures each IVR session to the millisecond. IVR flow ending events include transfer to ACD, disconnect, and exit.