All addresses that you enter into Genesys Cloud are subject to some level of verification. Telecom regulations require Genesys to validate addresses used for Genesys Cloud Voice services for the purposes of billing and emergency services. If the location is not used for Genesys Cloud Voice services, then the verification status provided by Genesys Cloud is purely informational and has no impact on the services provided by Genesys Cloud.

For more information, see Create a location.

Types of verification

Genesys Cloud performs two types of verification on location addresses: postal and emergency.

Postal verification

Genesys Cloud performs postal address verification on all locations. Postal verification confirms that the address is known to the postal service for the country/jurisdiction and is accepted as a valid address for delivering mail. Genesys Cloud uses vendor partners to provide postal verification.

Emergency verification

Genesys Cloud performs emergency verification on locations that will be used on sites. Emergency verification confirms that the exact geographical location of the address is known to emergency responders, so that responders can locate the caller if an emergency occurs. Emergency verification is provided directly by the carrier that delivers the call to the emergency responders. The nature and process of that verification varies by jurisdiction.

For more information, see Make a location available for sites.

How Genesys Cloud Voice uses a location

There are two ways locations are used for Genesys Cloud Voice: billing/taxation and for site assignment.


All Genesys Cloud Voice numbers are assigned to a location address. Genesys uses this address for billing and taxation purposes and it should correspond to the location of primary use for the number. This use requires postal verification only, which means the location does not need to be enabled for use on sites or subjected to the emergency verification.

Note: Assignment occurs at the time of purchase or when you submit a port request. You can change the location in Number Management. For more information, see Edit the location for a Genesys Cloud Voice number.

Site assignment

If the location is enabled for use on sites, then emergency verification is performed. If a Genesys Cloud Voice trunk exists on a site’s outbound route, then the site’s assigned location must be verified and the emergency number on the location must be a Genesys Cloud Voice number that is emergency capable. For more information, see When setting up a location for Genesys Cloud Voice, how can I tell if the number I specify as the Emergency Number is emergency services capable?

Location verification changes

Since there are different types of verification, it is possible for a verified address to become not verified due to a configuration change on the location. A location that was not enabled for use on sites may show verified because it passed postal verification, but adding an emergency number to make the location available for use on sites triggers the additional emergency services verification, which can still fail. This can result in a previously verified location becoming not verified when it is enabled for use on sites.

Troubleshooting verification problems

If Genesys Cloud encounters problems verifying your address, there are some troubleshooting steps that you can follow:

  • Ensure that the address is free from typos or other common errors.
  • Ensure that any extra information, such as suite or floor numbers, is provided only on the Address 2 line. Only the street address should be on the Address 1 line.
  • Try verifying the address using internet services, such as Google Maps. Specifically, check for alternative road names or directional specifiers.
  • Verify that the address is in a country serviced by Genesys Cloud Voice. For more information, see Genesys Cloud Voice global coverage requirements and restrictions.
Note: Since Genesys Cloud only uses verified addresses for Genesys Cloud Voice services, Genesys cannot assist with verification for addresses in countries not supported by Genesys Cloud Voice.

If Genesys Cloud Voice is still unable to verify your location, contact Genesys Cloud Voice support, and provide the following information: