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When configuring Genesys Cloud for use in a call center you must specify a location for your organization’s site and configure it for emergency services. To do so, you’ll use the Make this location available for use on sites setting to specify the default ANI for calls to emergency services from this location. 

Note: If you have more than one telephony site in your organization, each one must have a location.

  1. On the Location Details tab, select Make this location available for use on sites.
    Note: This option provides emergency services contact information for your location.
  2. In the Emergency Number box, type the phone number.
    • This number provides emergency services contact information for your location. You must provide a valid phone number.
    • When you attempt to assign a Genesys Cloud Voice trunk to an organization, the system checks to make sure that the number in the Emergency Number box is emergency service capable. If it is not, you won’t be able to complete the trunk configuration. For more information, see Emergency services location FAQs.
  3. Select one of the following:
    • Use as the ANI only if the phone or user doesn’t have a phone number — Only use this number if no other identifying information is available.
    • Always use as the ANI — Always use this number, even if other information is available. When you select this option, any call from a phone associated with the location’s site sends this ANI to emergency services.

      Note: If you use this location with Genesys Cloud Voice, then the emergency number must be a number that is managed by Genesys Cloud Voice: either one that you ported in to Genesys Cloud Voice or one that you purchased through Genesys Cloud Voice. If you specify an emergency number that is not managed by Genesys Cloud Voice, and someone from the location calls for emergency assistance, you may incur additional usage fees.  

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