Add an agent name and image

  • Genesys Cloud 2 or Genesys Cloud 3 license
  • Directory > User > Edit permission
  • Directory > User > View permission

You can set a name and image to use as an alias during web chat interactions. Customers who are interacting with you over web chat see the alias name and image.

You can also add detailed information for internal users with Profiles

  • Many companies have policies about the names and images that agents use. For more information about your company’s policies, consult your manager.
  • Your administrator can create canned responses that include your agent name as your alias. For example, your email signature can automatically include your agent name.

Add an agent name for chat interactions 

  1. From the edit mode in your profile, click Add new section.
  2. Click the Agent section. 
  3. In the new Agent section click Edit.
  4. In the name box, type a name to display to customers during ACD interactions. 
  5. Click Save.
Note: The agent name can also be used in canned responses for chat and other ACD interactions.

Add an agent image for web chat interactions

  1. From the edit mode in your profile, click the camera icon.
    Edit profile picture
  2. Click Agent Image.
  3. Click Upload. 
  4. To add a picture from your computer, click browse.
  5. Select the image file you want to use, and click Open.
  6. Adjust the border to size your picture, and click Upload image.
  7. Click Done.