Add a response

  • Responses > All > All permission

Note: You can create up to 200 libraries, and each library can have up to 200 responses.

To create a response, follow these steps:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Contact Center, click Canned Responses.
  3. Click Add Response.
  4. In the Response Name box, type a meaningful name. Agents see this name.
  5. For a standard response, under Response Type, enable Standard. For more information about template messages, see Add a WhatsApp template message.
  6. In the Content box, type the content of your message.
    • Remember that this response is part of a larger email or chat conversation. Leave out unnecessary details such as greetings or transition words. 
    • To improve the readability of your canned responses, you can add formatting. For more information, see Format canned responses. 
    • You can add an image to your response.
  7. To create another response, enable the Create Another check box. The new response belongs to the same library by default. However, you can select a different library if necessary.
  8. Click Save

Use substitutions in responses

To use a substitution, place your cursor at the appropriate spot in your response, and under Insert Substitution, click the letter beside the substitution you want to add. When an agent uses the response, Genesys Cloud replaces the substitution with the correct information.

This short video demonstrates how to insert a substitution: