View your schedule


  • Workforce Management > Agent Schedule > View permission

View my work plan is optional and will require:

  • Workforce Management > Agent > Possible Work Shifts > View permission

Access your schedule from the Activity > Schedule tab or the Performance > Workspace > My Schedule view. In the schedule view, you can see today’s schedule, tomorrow’s schedule, and schedules by week or month. You can view the full schedule, work with shift trades, manage and make time-off requests, review adherence exceptions, and copy a link to the schedule. Use the date picker to navigate to different weeks or months of the schedule. Schedules appear in the time zone selected by your web browser. For more information, see Agent activity view and Agents Schedule Detail view.

Note: Agents can view their workforce management schedules and submit or view time-off requests from an Android device or iOS device. To download the mobile application, Genesys Tempo™, see Mobile apps for workforce management schedules.

For more information about managing schedules, time-off requests, and settings in a mobile app, see:

View your schedule

To view and work with your schedule, perform one of the following steps:

  • To access your schedule from the agent activity view, click Activity > Schedule tab.
  • To access your schedule from the agent dashboard:
    1. Click Performance > Workspace > My Performance
    2. Click the Schedule tab. 
    3. To see the most current data, click Refresh . This view does not update automatically. 

    For more information, see Agent activity view and Agents Schedule Detail view.

    Schedule tab

    The following example displays the schedule from the Activity > Schedule tab.

    Note: You are out of schedule adherence when your scheduled activities do not match your actual activities. If you are on-queue but not part of a management unit or a schedule, then you can also be out of adherence. When you are out of adherence, a notification appears on your schedule, as the image illustrates.

    If you have the appropriate permission, you can view the Gear icon available next to the Week Picker field. 

    To see the Show Possible Shifts toggle, click the Gear icon. When this toggle is not active, the agent schedule view for the selected period is displayed. When this toggle is active, you can view the possible agent shifts for the selected period. You can also change the week by clicking the Week Picker field.

    In this view, the details of the earliest shift start time and last shift end time is displayed. Each shift time has a corresponding color band and it indicates the probability of a shift being selected. Hover the mouse on the time range to view details of the shift time range, the probability of getting scheduled on that shift time, and the estimated number of paid time (in hours) for the day. The darkest color indicates that the probability of you being scheduled for the shift time is the highest. You can view the same details for all shifts.  

    When you see no color bands for a particular time slot, it means that it is least likely that you get scheduled for that time range as your shift time.