View the agent schedule

Note: This article is about the classic version of performance views for agents. For more information about the new view, see My Performance views. Genesys plans to remove the classic view on April 30, 2019. For more information about the removal, see Deprecation, Agent dashboard.

You can access your schedule from the agent dashboard. Here, view schedules by week, month, or year and also submit time off requests.


  • Workforce Management > Agent Schedule > View permission

Schedules appear in the time zone selected by your web browser. To access your schedule from the agent dashboard:

  1. Click Performance > Overview.
  2. Click the Agent tab. 
  3. Select the Schedule tab, located below the agent dashboard statistics.

For information about time off requests, see Agent time off requests.

Schedule tab

The Schedule tab enables you to view your schedule for the current week.

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