Predictive routing permissions

The following list includes all the permissions required to use predictive routing. For example, you might prefer to add permissions separately or need to troubleshoot assigned permissions. For general information about Genesys Cloud permissions, see Roles and permissions overview and Product, roles, and permissions list.

The following permissions:

Note: It can take up to five minutes for permission updates to make their way through Genesys Cloud and take effect.

  • Routing > Queue > Edit and View
  • Routing > KeyPerformanceIndicator > View, Add, and Edit (View the list of KPIs available for selection; Define custom KPIs )
  • Routing > Wrap-up Code > View (Define custom KPIs)
  • Routing > Predictor > Add, Edit, View, and Delete (Activate predictive routing on a queue; Edit predictive routing configuration; View predictive routing status information; and Disable predictive routing on a queue) 
  • Routing > Assessment > Add, View, and Delete (Create new benefit assessments; View benefit assessments information; Delete benefit assessments)
  • Analytics > ConversationAggregate > View (View comparison test results)
  • Routing > Predictor Model > View (View routing decision predictor model)
  • Routing > Predictor Model Feature > View (View features of predictor model and their importance)

Add predictive routing permissions

To efficiently assign permissions to a user, add them to the membership in the Predictive Routing Admin role.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under People and Permissions, click Roles/Permissions.
  3. Scroll down to locate the Predictive Routing Admin role or use the Search filter to locate it.
  4. Click the name of the Predictive Routing Admin role in the list. The Role details tab opens.
  5. Click Change Membership. A list of users currently assigned the role opens. 
  6. To locate a new user, enter the name in the search field above the list of assigned users. Select the check box next to their name and then click Save.


    Roles and permissions overview