• Billing > Subscription > Add permission

The following video shows you the steps to start using predictive routing for the first time. The written procedure follows the video.

  1. Navigate to the Admin > Queues page.
  2. Click the Learn More link in the Predictive Routing Evaluation column header. The Optimize Routing with AI pane opens. 
  3. Understand the various phases of predictive routing and click Start Evaluation
  4. Ensure you have the necessary permissions to begin benefit assessment. Click Start Queue Evaluation
  5. Click the optimization potential displayed against each queue. From the side panel, click Activate your Predictive Routing Free Trial. The predictive routing tile in AppFoundry opens.
  6. Click the Free Trial link. A login window opens.
    Note: If you previously started using predictive routing, this link might read Purchase (if you have already used your free trial period), or Configure (if you have already activated predictive routing).
  7. Click to log in to the default region or change regions and then log in. 
  8. After you log in, the initial AppFoundry window reopens. The link now reads Continue. Click Continue. The Free Trial Details window opens.
    Note: If you already used your free trial, this window invites you to purchase predictive routing.
  9. Verify that the billing information and terms of service are correct. Billing begins after your free trial ends.
  10. Scroll to the bottom of the terms of service text, select the Accept the Genesys and Vendor Terms of Service check box, and then click Purchase.
  11. The Get Started with Predictive Routing window reminds you to assign the necessary permissions to use predictive routing. The required permissions appear below in this article. Click Open Link to proceed.
  12. After the permissions are in place, return to the AppFoundry Get Started with Predictive Routing window and then click Done. The Evaluate your Queues for Benefits window opens. 
  13. Click Open Link. The Admin > Queues page opens. The link in the Predictive Routing Evaluation column now reads Get Started instead of Learn More.
    Note: If you do not immediately see the Get Started link, wait five minutes and then refresh the page.
  14. Click Get Started. The Next steps section explains how to start a benefit assessment, how to start a comparison test, or how to activate predictive routing for all interactions on a queue. 

Next steps

See Predictive routing benefit assessment for the first phase of the predictive routing workflow.