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Specify evaluation and routing methods

Note: For more information about using routing and evaluation methods to determine how to match interactions and agents, see Evaluation and routing methods.

Choose the evaluation and routing methods

  1. Under Evaluation Method, select the method by which to match interactions and agents: 
    • All skills matching
    • Best available skills
    • Disregard skills, next agent
  2. Under Routing Method, optionally select Standard Routing or Advanced Routing.

(Optional) Configure advanced routing

If you chose the advanced routing method, configure the routing behavior. Preferred agent routing and bullseye routing are optional settings. For more information on advanced routing, see Advanced routing overview.

  1. To configure preferred agent routing, do the following:
    1. Select Add Ring.
    2. For the first ring, specify a score and determine how long to route interactions to agents with an assigned score that is equal to or higher than that value.
    3. To expand the pool of preferred agents if Genesys Cloud finds no match on the first ring, repeat steps a-b for each consecutive ring, up to six rings.
    4. To route interactions to all preferred agents for a specific length of time, enable Consider all preferred agents and then set the length, in seconds.
  2. To configure bullseye routing, for Ring 1 do the following:
    1. In the Stay in this ring for box, type the number of seconds to wait before passing the call to the next consecutive ring.
    2. In the Skills to remove on ring exit box, type the name of one or more skills to remove from the selected agents if the exact target is not available to receive the interaction.
      Note: The maximum number of skills that you can remove on a single bullseye ring is 50.
    3. To expand the pool of available agents if no match found with the first ring, repeat steps a-b for each consecutive ring, up to six rings.
  3. Click Save

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