Genesys Cloud for Salesforce allows you to create, manage, and view Genesys Cloud outbound dialing campaigns in Salesforce with the Campaign Management integration.

Important: The Campaign Management integration does not replace the administration of campaigns in Genesys Cloud but allows you to create additional campaigns with new contact lists from data stored in your Salesforce organization. Before configuring the integration, Genesys recommends that you create an outbound dialing campaign in Genesys Cloud. The integration replicates the Genesys Cloud campaign settings in Salesforce for Salesforce campaigns to follow.


The Campaign Management integration uses campaigns, campaign members, campaign settings, and campaign schedules in Salesforce and syncs campaign data between your Salesforce and Genesys Cloud organizations.

Get started

In Genesys Cloud, create an OAuth client. Then in Salesforce, configure authentication, campaign management, and page layout settings. After you create a campaign setting, associate the setting with a campaign. 

Work with campaigns

After a campaign starts, you can monitor the campaign activity, fix sync failures and list request failures, and reroute requests in Salesforce. After a campaign ends, Genesys Cloud reconciles data on campaign and campaign member records in Salesforce.


For general troubleshooting, check the logs in Salesforce. The Logging section includes logs about any integration that you configured as part of the managed package settings. For more information, see Managed package settings.