Limitations with campaign management

Note: This article applies to PureCloud for Salesforce.

When managing campaigns in PureCloud for Salesforce, keep in mind the following limitations:

  • Queueable operations are limited to 250,000 items (possibly higher depending on your Salesforce account settings) during a 24-hour period and to 100 concurrent jobs waiting in queue.

    For more information about governors limits, see Execution Governors and Limits in the Salesforce documentation.

    If you use other Apex jobs in your Salesforce organization, you could reach the Salesforce limit. If at any point in time, you have 100 concurrent jobs as a result of other customizations in your Salesforce organization, no additional jobs queue. In this situation, these additional jobs appear on the Apex jobs page.

  • Picklists in Salesforce are limited to 1,000 items for Call Rule Sets.

    Campaign settings include a list of Call Rule Sets. If you have more than 1,000 items in your PureCloud organization, when you click Retrieve Options in the Retrieve PureCloud Campaign Options section, the integration displays an error message. For more information, see Retrieve PureCloud campaign options.

  • The maximum total and active campaigns allowed in PureCloud for Salesforce match the limits in the PureCloud platform.

    For the total campaign limit in PureCloud, see Create a preview campaign. For the active campaign limit in PureCloud, see Start or pause a campaign.

For more information, see About Campaign Management.

For more information about the integration, see About PureCloud for Salesforce.