Callbacks in Architect

A callback is a request callers can make to have their call returned when an agent is unavailable to take it right away. In contact centers, callbacks provide assistance for busy agents and provide an extra level of service to customers who encounter wait times. Callbacks increase customer satisfaction, since a caller does not have to wait on hold or possibly incur long distance charges while waiting to speak with an agent. In addition, callbacks help agents who cannot complete the interaction because they cannot answer the customer’s question or need to perform additional research.

In Architect, you can build a Create Callback action into an inbound, in-queue, or outbound call. If a customer does not want to wait in queue any longer, you can offer an option to request a callback from an agent at the earliest opportunity. When a customer requests the callback, the callback remains in the queue. When an appropriate agent becomes available, the callback object gets routed and answered by the agent. The agent then initiates an outbound call to the customer. 

Use the Create Callback action in an in-queue flow to offer a callback option to a customer who does not want to continue waiting in-queue to connect to an agent. After the customer selects a callback, configure the flow so that it prompts the caller to confirm the collected phone number, or to enter a different callback number. Once the caller confirms the information, a final prompt should be added to notify them about the expected callback. Architect then places the object in queue.

The call from which the callback request originated is not included in abandoned calls count. The callback object placed in the queue takes the position in queue of the original call and automatically acquires the same skill requirements and priority settings as the original call. After an agent is assigned the callback, the agent manually places an outbound call to the customer. Genesys Cloud associates the outbound call to the callback object and ties it to the queue for analytic and reporting purposes. 

Enabling a script’s Callback property allows it to be selected by Create Callback actions in Architect call flows. This setting is disabled by default. See Manage script properties.