Schedule a callback

Note: This article applies to PureCloud Embeddable Framework, PureCloud for Chrome, PureCloud for Firefox, PureCloud for Salesforce, and PureCloud for Zendesk.


  • Conversation > Callback > Create permission

You can schedule callbacks for ACD voice interactions (call, callback, outbound dialing, and voicemail).

  1. Click Schedule a callback in the call controls. 
  2. Type or select the date.

    The date defaults to the current date. 

    Note: You cannot schedule a callback for more than 30 days in advance.

  3. Type or select the time.

    The time defaults to 30 minutes after the current time.

  4. (Optional) Type or select a time zone for the person that you want to call. 
  5. Update the phone number, if necessary.

    The phone number defaults to the caller’s ANI.

  6. To route the callback to you, select Route callback to me if possible.

    By default, scheduled callbacks route to the queue that received the original interaction.

  7. Click Schedule.
    Note: You cannot schedule multiple callbacks for a single interaction. After you schedule a callback, the Schedule button becomes unavailable.

Schedule a callback window

At the scheduled date and time, PureCloud sends the callback to the queue or agent that handled the original interaction. For information about handling callback interactions, see Respond to callback interactions.

Note: Users with the PureCloud Supervisor default role can cancel callbacks. For more information, see Scheduled Callbacks view.

For more information, see Call controls

For more information about the integrations, see About the PureCloud browser extensionsAbout PureCloud Embeddable Framework, About PureCloud for Salesforce, and About PureCloud for Zendesk.