A callback is a request callers can make to have their call returned when an agent is unavailable to take it right away. In contact centers, callbacks provide assistance for busy agents and provide an extra level of service to customers who encounter wait times. Callbacks increase customer satisfaction, since a caller does not have to wait on hold or possibly incur long distance charges while waiting to speak with an agent. In addition, callbacks help agents who cannot complete the interaction because they cannot answer the customer’s question or need to perform additional research.

  • Genesys Cloud attempts to route callbacks, email replies, and message replies to the last agent who handled it. The agent must be on queue and not be fully utilized on those interactions. If the agent is not available, Genesys Cloud routes the interaction to the next available agent. For more information about how to determine if an agent is fully utilized, see Configure agent utilization.
  • Genesys Cloud does not retain the skill requirements of an interaction when placing a callback.
  • For email and messaging interactions, and inbound callbacks, when you use preferred agent routing, Genesys Cloud no longer attempts to route the interaction to the last agent who handled it. Scheduled callbacks, however, is unaffected by preferred agent routing. For more information, see Advanced routing overview.
  • Best practice recommends that agents do not leave internal ACD voicemails, which create a callback segment. If Agent A calls into a queue and leaves an ACD voicemail, then when the callback is created, the customer leg is now Agent A. This behavior ties up Agent A’s utilization until the callback that waits in queue is answered and ended in the queue.

In Genesys Cloud, script designers can create instructions that help agents process calls. Administrators and contact center managers can use Architect’s Create Callback action to select a callback script for use in call flows. The Schedule Callbacks view also allows them to view and manage agent-initiated callbacks.

Genesys Cloud also offers callback support for third-party integrations, such as Genesys Cloud for Chrome, Genesys Cloud for Salesforce, Genesys Cloud for Zendesk, and Genesys Cloud for Firefox. Developer tools are also available for extended callback functionality without using an API.

For more information, see About callbacks.