Genesys Cloud Analytics add-on (A3S) is a fully hosted solution that offers automated data integration, cloud-scale analytical data warehouse (historical), and real-time EventBridge data delivered in a dashboard tool. The A3S solution enables you to perform custom reporting, data visualization, analytics, and data federation. This solution acts as the foundational data and analytics layer for your contact center. You have the flexibility of adding a consumption layer of your choice—be it data federation or a business intelligence tool. 

How the A3S solution works

Built on Snowflake, the data warehouse automatically populates with data from Genesys Cloud analytics APIs. Customers have direct access via a SQL IDE for queries and creation of customs and views. Data from the APIs is transformed and staged in a relation model that covers the following subject areas:  

  • Interaction details with participant attributes 
  • Flow outcomes with IVR milestones 
  • Dialer/outbound interaction information
  • User presence 
  • Surveys 

Based on your requirements and your Genesys Cloud subscription, you can customize A3S to include information on these features: 

  • Workforce management 
  • Quality management 
  • Speech and text analytics 

You can export the processed data (full or partial tables) via native Snowflake export, API, or JDBC/ODBC connectivity. The A3S solution also allows connection with other reporting and analytics tools using Snowflake-provided JDBC/ODBC drivers. 


    • Full visibility across sources, channels, and platforms with real-time dashboards. Historical dashboards are provided as an accelerator for you to host on Tableau or PowerBI.
    • Highly scalable: Works seamlessly for a large number of agents on the same architecture.
    • Easy to consume: Embedded in Genesys Cloud with data storage in an analytics database, or consume data via a third-party business intelligence tool.
    • Customizable: Get expert help with building custom KPIs and dashboards with advanced filters. 
    • Accelerated time to value: Deploy in 1-2 weeks.
    • Manage complex configurations for: 100s to 1000s of queues or complex organizations, and scale to organizations with 10’s of 1000’s of agents.
    • Snowflake data warehouse deployable on AWS with support for single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

        Feature deprecations and announcements 

        Feature deprecations and announcements follow the standard Genesys Cloud process. For more information, see Feature deprecations and announcements. 

        Support and Security 

        For more information on Genesys Custom Application Support for A3S and the applicable security standards for the solution, see Genesys Cloud Services terms and conditions.