• Quality Administrator or Quality Evaluator role

To view a completed evaluation, follow these steps:

Note: Agents view released evaluations on the My Evaluations view.

  1. Click Performance > Overview.
  2. Click the Quality Evaluator tab.
  3. Under Completed Interactions, select an interaction date. The evaluation appears.
    Note: The view includes the weight for each question, overall score, critical score, and indicates whether the agent has reviewed the evaluation.
  4. To re-score the evaluation, click Re-score.

Inspect the source of the evaluation

Note: You can only see this information when you inspect the evaluation in Evaluator/Supervisor mode. In agent mode, the evaluation source information is unavailable.

When a supervisor inspects an evaluation, he or she can see the evaluation source for the evaluation on the evaluation card. In this way, supervisors understand how the evaluation was created.

Click the image to enlarge.

Source of evaluation on the Agent Evaluation card

The following sources can create evaluations:

  • Policies 
  • Users

Sources list Created by policy, or Created by user, respectively.

  • Created by Policy:  Weekly Sales Evaluation
  • Created by User: Admin


If the query cannot retrieve the name of the policy or user which created the evaluation, the evaluation card displays Unknown as evaluation source.

Note: Evaluations created before the implementation of evaluation source display do not display evaluation source details.