To view a completed evaluation, follow these steps:

Note: Agents view released evaluations on the My Evaluations view.

  1. Click Performance > Overview.
  2. Click the Quality Evaluator tab.
  3. Under Completed Interactions, select an interaction date. The evaluation appears.
    Note: The view includes the weight for each question, overall score, critical score, and indicates whether the agent has reviewed the evaluation.
  4. To rescore the evaluation, click Re-score.

Evaluation versions

You can access the previously released versions of the evaluation through the Evaluation versions list:

  • if an evaluator rescored the evaluation, with the Allow Revisions setting enabled in the evaluation form editor;
  • or if the evaluation had a score change after a dispute.

Previous versions are always in Retracted state.

The evaluation card also shows how many times the evaluation has been disputed.

Evaluations versions list


Inspect the source of the evaluation

When a supervisor inspects an evaluation, they can see the evaluation source for the evaluation on the evaluation card.

Note: You can only see this information when you inspect the evaluation in Evaluator/Supervisor mode. In agent mode, the evaluation source information is unavailable.

Source of evaluation on the Agent Evaluation card

The following sources can create evaluations:

  • Policies 
  • Users

Sources list Created by policy or Created by user, respectively.

  • Created by Policy: Weekly Sales Evaluation
  • Created by User: Admin

If the query cannot retrieve the name of the policy or user that created the evaluation, the evaluation card displays Unknown as the evaluation source.

  •  When a user scores an evaluation, Genesys Cloud updates the Evaluator name on the card to the name of the user who submitted the newest score.
  • Evaluations created before the implementation of the source display feature (March 22, 2023) do not show evaluation source details.