Work teams overview

Feature coming soon: Work teams

While contact centers manage agent performance individually, managers evaluate supervisors by their ability to manage the agents who report to them. Supervisors can organize the agents they manage into work teams.

  • Supervisors can use work teams as filters for monitoring adherence and performance.
  • Supervisors can filter for work team data in Agent, Queue, and Interaction performance views.
  • Supervisors can view and edit schedules by work teams and schedule activities for work teams.
  • To make queue management easier, administrators can assign work teams to queues.
  • Administrators can assign Quality Management policies to work teams.
  • Work team membership appears on the People page.
  • Changes in work team membership appear in the audit log.

Certain limits apply to work teams:

  • Users can belong to only one work team.
  • As a best practice, all members of a work team should belong to the same division.
  • There can be no more than 200 work teams per org.
  • When creating a work team, supervisors can add only users belonging to the divisions where the supervisor has the Assign permission.  

Permissions control the ability to create and manage work teams.

Permission Description
Groups > Work Team > All Permissions Assigns all work team permissions, including any future permissions.
Groups > Work Team > Assign Add members to a work team or remove members. 
Groups > Work Team > Create Create a work team.
Groups > Work Team > Delete Delete a work team.
Groups > Work Team > Edit Edit work team name or description.
Groups > Work Team > View View a work team and its members.