The following permissions:

  • Workforce Management > Staffing Group > Add, Delete, Edit, and View

Use workforce management features to create, configure, and manage staffing groups. You can create a staffing group for smaller groups of agents that span across multiple management units. Filters such as skill, language, or queue help to group agents into a staffing group. You can group agents who belong to the same business unit but are in different management units into a staffing group.

You can edit these staffing groups at a later stage to add more agents who have similar attributes. You can also delete staffing groups. For more information about staffing groups, see the following articles.

Task Description
Add a staffing group Add a new staffing group, specify the details, and then add the agents to the group.
Manage staffing groups Make changes to an existing staffing group, including editing the staffing group name, adding or removing members in the staffing group, and delete single or multiple staffing groups.