The following permissions:

  • Workforce Management > Staffing Group > AddDelete, Edit, and View

To add a staffing group, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Workforce Management, click Staffing Groups.
  3. In the upper right corner, click the Business Unit/Management Unit list and then select the business unit/management unit to which you want to add the staffing group. 
  4. Click Add. The Add Staffing Group page opens.
  5. In the Staffing Group Name box, type a descriptive name for the staffing group. 
  6. In the Refine Available Agent Search section, you can search the agents either by name or by other criteria.
    • Search for agents by agent name.
      1. In the Search by Agent Name box, type the agent name.
      2. Click Search. The list of agents display in the Available Agents section.
    • Search for agents using other criteria:
      1. Expand the various sections, search and then select the required filters.
        Note: All filters follow the AND format. As you select the filters in each section, filters are appended.
      2. Click Apply Filters. The list of agents display in the Available Agents section. 
        Note: The Apply Filters button is inactive if the criteria you select in the different sections do not correspond to any of the agents.
  7. In the Available Agents section, click icon available corresponding to the agents listed based on your search.
    Note: You can also click Add all in the Available Agents section to add all the listed agents.
    The selected agents are now added to the Assigned Agents section. 
  8. Click Save.

You can also add agents to staffing groups using the Agents page. For more information, see Navigate the agents page.