This article describes how to reset your password if you forget it before you log in. To change your password after you log in, see Change your password.

If you forget your Genesys Cloud password, you can reset it from the login page.

  1. Under the Log In button, click Forgot Your Password?. The password reset dialog appears.

  2. Type your account's email address, and click Reset Password. Genesys Cloud sends you a password reset link to the email address you entered.

    Note: If you use the same email address to log on to multiple organizations, you must also enter the organization name when you reset your password. If you are not sure of your organization names, click Forgot Organization Name?.

  3. Check your email and click the password reset link in the email message from If you did not receive the password reset message, look in your Junk email folder or contact your administrator.

  4. To reset your password, complete the New password and the Verify new password fields. fields. The default password requirements are as follows:
    • The minimum length is eight characters.
    • The maximum length for a password is 400 characters.
    • Passwords must contain at least one number, one special character, one uppercase letter, and one lowercase letter.
    • You cannot reuse any of your previous 10 passwords.
      • Your administrator can set different minimum and maximum requirements for your organization.
      • Do not copy and paste a password to set it. If your password contains double-byte characters (for example, Japanese or Chinese characters), you cannot log in later with the keyboard.

  5. After you complete the fields, click Reset Password.
    • If your new password fails to meet your organization’s requirements, Genesys Cloud sends you a message with suggested changes to help meet the requirements.

    • If your organization requires multi-factor authentication (MFA), Genesys Cloud prompts you to enter a one-time code from your MFA device.

  6. On the Genesys Cloud splash screen,  click Collaborate/Communicate, or, optionally, one of the following options:
    • To access and administer your Genesys Cloud Account settings such as MFA, click My Account.
    • To configure Genesys Cloud call flows, set user & system prompts, and more, click Architect.