If your country is listed in the EMEA or Latin America section of the Genesys Cloud Voice global coverage article, then you should be able to port DID and toll-free numbers from your carrier into Genesys Cloud Voice. However, porting numbers in EMEA or Latin America depends on specific carrier agreements and is not guaranteed. If you are not sure, you can submit the list of numbers to Genesys Cloud Voice support for verification prior to requesting a port.

To port numbers from your carrier to Genesys Cloud Voice in EMEA or Latin America, you request a Genesys Cloud Voice Number Porting form and a Letter of Authorization (LOA) form from our support technicians.

As you fill in the forms, keep in mind that it is imperative that all information on the LOA form match exactly with what the current carriers have on record per location. If you are unsure, ask your carriers for a Customer Service Record (CSR), also known as Services and Equipment list. This list can serve as the official record of information to put on the LOA form. If there are multiple locations or multiple carriers, you need to complete a LOA form for each location or carrier.


There is no fee for the number porting operation. However, once the numbers are ported into Genesys Cloud Voice, you will incur any non-recurring charge (NRC), Monthly recurring charge (MRC), and usage fee associated with having your numbers in Genesys Cloud Voice. For more information, see Genesys Cloud Voice pricing.

SMS services

The Genesys Cloud Voice number porting process is specifically designed for voice service numbers. Any SMS services present on ported numbers will not be automatically transferred along with voice service. In fact, the SMS services will likely be disrupted by the port process.

If you would like to transfer your SMS service to Genesys Cloud along with your voice service, you need to take additional steps after you initiate the porting process. To begin, when you respond to your port submission confirmation email, please use Reply All and add a note to your message informing the team that you would like to port your SMS service along with the voice service. Our team will then begin the SMS service porting process.

If you would like your SMS service to remain with your current carrier, you will need to contact them after the voice port is complete and request that they reconnect the SMS service to the number.

To port your numbers

  1. Email our support technicians and request a Genesys Cloud Voice Number Porting form and an LOA form for your country.
  2. Send the completed forms back to our support technicians.

    When our system receives your email request, it automatically creates a support request ticket and our support technicians handle your request during our normal business hours: M-F 8 AM – 5 PM EST. Keep in mind that while our support technicians process your port request within 24 hours of receipt, it could take up to 10 days to confirm an exact port date.

  3. Set up and remove forwarding for phone numbers you plan to port to Genesys Cloud Voice (optional). 
    • After you provision the numbers from Genesys Cloud Voice, contact your carrier to request that they forward these numbers to the Genesys Cloud Voice numbers.
    • Once the porting process is complete, work with your carrier to unassign and disconnect forwarding.