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Note: This procedure specifically refers to porting numbers in the US and Canada. For more information about porting numbers other countries, see Port numbers in EMEA.

When you port toll-free numbers into Genesys Cloud Voice, you can use the email porting procedure described in this article as an alternative to entering individual numbers using the port toll-free numbers feature. If you have many toll-free numbers to port, you can also use the port toll-free numbers in bulk procedure.

To port toll-free numbers into Genesys Cloud Voice using the email procedure, download a Letter of Authorization (LOA) form. and then add your numbers to it. Then send the completed form to our support technicians via email.

Contact your existing carrier

Before you submit a request to port numbers to Genesys Cloud Voice, you must work with your existing carrier to determine what information you need from them to begin the port procedure. Having that information beforehand ensures a smooth transition between your existing carrier and Genesys Cloud Voice. Failure to do so, can result in delays.

Note: Genesys does not submit toll-free port requests to the losing carrier until two weeks before the requested port date. This timeline is an industry standard designed to prevent the premature disconnection by the losing carrier. You may submit a request to Genesys up to 30 days prior to the requested port date, but we will not be able to confirm the port until it is submitted and approved by the losing carrier.

To port your numbers

To port toll-free numbers into Genesys Cloud Voice, perform the appropriate tasks for your country.

  1. Compile a list of the phone numbers that you want to port.
  2. Download and complete the Letter of Authorization (LOA) form.
    Note: If you have more numbers to port than the LOA form allows, download the Additional numbers LOA form. Make sure that you sign and date the Additional numbers LOA form.
  3. Email the LOA form to Genesys Cloud Voice support.
    Note: Make sure to include your requested port date/time, any inbound call restriction preference, and whether you would like inbound calls restricted to US only, US and Canada, US and Caribbean, or all three.
  4. (Optional) Set up and remove forwarding functionality for the phone numbers that you plan to port to Genesys Cloud Voice. 
    • After you provision toll-free numbers from Genesys Cloud Voice, contact your carrier and request that they forward these numbers to the Genesys Cloud Voice numbers.
    • When the porting process completes, work with your carrier to unassign and disconnect forwarding.
Note: When our system receives your email request, it automatically creates a support request ticket. Our support technicians handle requests during the normal business hours of Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. While our support technicians process your port request within 24 hours of receipt, confirmation of an exact port date can take up to 10 days.