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ACD email routing overview

PureCloud routes incoming email messages through ACD just like it routes calls and chats, using the same routing and evaluation methods and considering skills, language, priority, and agent utilization. 

Your PureCloud account can have a maximum of two email domains with up to 500 associated email addresses per domain. You assign each email address to a queue, and can configure it to have an associated language, skill, and priority. PureCloud ACD routes each incoming message to a member of the queue, and based on the routing and evaluation methods, determines the best available agent to handle the interaction.

Note: PureCloud attempts to route email message replies to the last agent who handled the email. The agent must be on queue and not be fully utilized on email interactions. If the agent is not available, PureCloud routes the interation to the next available agent. For more information about how to determine if an agent is fully utilized, see Configure agent utilization.

Agent utilization

You can configure agent utilization to specify the maximum number of email interactions that agents in your organization can handle at one time, and you can specify which other media types can interrupt email interactions. For example, if an agent is handling an email and a call comes in, you might want to interrupt the agent to take the call. For more information about agent utilization, see Agent utilization and Configure agent utilization.

Message and attachment size limits

The maximum outgoing message size, including attachments: 10 MB per message (after base64 encoding).

Note: Messages exceeding 10 MB, including attachments, will bounce back to the sender. Messages larger than 10 MB that you try to send from PureCloud will yield an error. You can work around this limitation by including links to larger documents stored in PureCloud Documents. For more information about sharing a file within Documents, see About Documents and Share a file.

The maximum incoming message size, including attachments: 30 MB per message (after base64 encoding).

Spam and viruses

Email can be true spam or incorrectly marked as spam. PureCloud leverages Amazon SES to receive and send email. Amazon SES has various measures in place to detect spam emails and also to detect emails that may contain viruses.

When you configure email addresses for the organization, you can determine how to handle emails that PureCloud detects as spam, which gives you better control over how to process email that PureCloud identifies as spam. For more information, see Add email addresses to the domain in Manage ACD email routing.

Amazon SES provides both spam detection and virus verdicts to PureCloud. If the Amazon verdict indicates that the email may contain a virus, PureCloud disconnects the message and never delivers it to an agent. If the Amazon verdict indicates that the email is spam, PureCloud processes those emails based on the settings you choose when you set up spam routing during email address configuration.

Set up email routing

Setting up email routing is simple. You create your email domain in the Admin interface and then add email addresses to it. Then, your agents can begin to receive email interactions through ACD. PureCloud ACD email domains are in the format For more information about setting up your company’s email domain, see Manage ACD email routing.

PureCloud supports the maximum number of email recipients as follows:

Inbound email

  • To field: 50 email addresses 
  • Cc field: 50 email addresses  
  • Bcc field: 50 email addresses

Outbound email from an agent

  • 50 email addresses combined for To, Cc, and Bcc fields


25 To addresses + 20 Cc address + 5 Bcc adresses = Maximum allowed amount

26 To addresses + 20 Cc address + 5 Bcc adresses = Exceeds allowed amount

In email flows, an email flow ends when the system transfers the email to a queue or is disconnected.

For specific scenarios to consider when setting up email routing for your PureCloud account, see Email routing scenarios.

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