Global Media Fabric overview

The Global Media Fabric feature only applies the BYOC Cloud trunks. Genesys Cloud Voice and BYOC Premises trunking work differently and cannot use the Global Media Fabric feature at this time. 

Note: If you are using Genesys Cloud Voice or BYOC Premises and want to take advantage of Global Media Fabric, you can extend your organization with hybrid media. For more information, see About hybrid media.

Essentially Global Media Fabric allows you to configure your Genesys Cloud organization to use any Genesys Cloud media region anywhere in the world for real-time media streams to and from clients and carriers. This means that you can associate any group of users and any trunks within your organization with any Genesys Cloud media region. The only exception is the US-East 2 (Ohio) media region, which is specifically designated for FedRAMP and, as such, is isolated from all other regions.

When configuring your BYOC Cloud trunk, you can use either the BYOC Carrier or the BYOC PBX trunk types. Clients can use either WebRTC or managed SIP phones.

You configure the Global Media Fabric feature from the Sites and Trunks pages under Telephony.  You first add media regions to your site and then configure your trunk to use that site.


Americas Europe Africa Asia Pacific

US-West (Oregon)

US-East (N.Virginia)

US-East 2 (Ohio)

 Canada (Central)

South America (Sao Paulo)

Europe (Frankfurt)

Europe (Dublin)

Europe (London)

Europe (Zurich)

Middle East (UAE)

Europe (Paris)

Africa (Cape Town)

Asia Pacific (Sydney)

Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

Asia Pacific (Seoul)

Asia Pacific (Mumbai) 

Asia Pacific (Osaka)

Asia Pacific (Singapore)

Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)

Asia Pacific (Jakarta)

Warning: Customer configuration of Global Media Fabric may be subject to local telecommunications regulations. Please consult with your legal and regulatory resources as well as your telecommunications carrier partners to ensure that your specific configuration is in compliance with all laws and regulations.