Complete the activities and tasks listed before going live with your Genesys Cloud org. Questions? Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Partner Success Manager (PSM).

Get Ready for a Cloud Contact Center

Complete When Who What
Day 1 Business Sponsor Schedule your Kickoff Call with your Customer Success Manager.
Day 1 Business Sponsor Review and agree upon Getting Ready for a Cloud Contact Center document
Day 1 Business Sponsor Identify your onboarding as Genesys-led, Partner-led or Customer-led.
Week 1 Business Sponsor

Identify and assign your roles. Tell your CSM or PSM.

  • Business Sponsor
  • Project Manager
  • Contact Center Admin (Designated Support Contact)
  • IT and Network Admin (Designated Support Contact)
  • Contact Center Supervisor
  • Developer (if integrating via APIs)
Week 1 Business Sponsor Let your CSM know your Designated Support Contacts
Week 1 Business Sponsor Review ramp period and invoicing process with your CSM/PSM.

Create your Org and Users

Complete When Who What
Week 1

Contact Center Admin

Ensure your Genesys Cloud organization (org) is activated.

 Take Training

Complete When Who What
Week 2 Contact Center Admin
Week 2 IT and Network Admin
Week 2 Contact Center Supervisor
Week 3 All Agents

Subscribe and Register

Complete When Who What
Week 3 Contact Center Admin
Week 3 IT and Network Admin
Week 3 Contact Center Supervisor
Week 3 Developer

Getting Ready to Go Live

Complete When Who What
Before Contract IT and Network Admin Download and complete Customer Network Readiness Checklist.
Week 3 IT and Network Admin

Complete VoIP Readiness Network Assessment.

Week 4 IT and Network Admin

Complete your Technology & Environment “Map” (what will be connected to Genesys Cloud). Provide map to CSM.

Week 4 Project Manager

Document Go-Live plan

  • When is Go-Live?
  • Who from your company will be monitoring?
  • If Genesys-led onboarding, who from Genesys will be monitoring? If Partner-led onboarding, who from the Partner will be monitoring?
  • How will feedback from your end-customers and agents be brought to the person monitoring
  • What’s your plan to process that feedback?

Working with Genesys

Complete When Who What
Week 4 Business Sponsor

Complete the Initial “Customer Success Plan” with your CSM.

Week 4 Business Sponsor

Review ramp period and invoicing process with your CSM.

Week 5 Business Sponsor
Week 5 Project Manager

Test local emergency services. Validate that the correct address and phone number appear to your local emergency service systems. See Configure 911 or other emergency numbers.

Week 5 Project Manager

Complete “Getting Ready to Go Live” with your CSM and Technical Account Manager (TAM), Professional Services (PS), and Customer Care as appropriate.

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