This documentation applies to Genesys Agent Assist. This feature is available worldwide. For Agent Assist Google CCAI, which is limited to North America region, see the Google CCAI integrations with Genesys Cloud documentation.

Genesys Agent Assist helps agents to search for answers to customer questions. 

Genesys Agent Assist is available on the CX agent workspace and on the CX digital agent workspace as well.

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CX agent desktop CX digital agent workspace


Access to the following menu options:

  • Admin > Roles/Permissions
  • Admin > Queues
  • Admin > Assistants
  • Admin > Messenger configuration
  • Admin > Messenger deployment

The following permissions:

  • Assistants > Assistant > View
  • Assistants > Queue > View
  • Knowledge > All permissions
  • Conversation > Suggestions > All permissions

Search the Genesys Agent Assist and canned responses manually

If the Genesys Agent Assist does not offer a relevant article, agents can search for answers manually as well.

To search the Genesys Agent Assist:

  1. In the Search box, type your question or keyword. The Genesys Agent Assist and canned responses provide answers as you type.
  2. To see the content of an article, click Show more. When you click an article, Genesys Agent Assist hides the previously displayed suggestions.

    Tip: To get the best search results, consider the following:
    • Grammatically accurate words return more relevant answers.
    • Avoid long phrases and generic statements.
  3. To insert the response into your live session, click Copy to chat at the lower right of the selected response. You can edit your message before sending.
    Copy answer to chat
  4. To return to the list of suggested articles, click the arrow icon at the upper left corner of the opened article.
    Return to Genesys Agent Assist answer list