This documentation applies to Genesys Agent Assist. This feature is available worldwide. For Agent Assist Google CCAI, which is limited to North America region, see the Google CCAI integrations with Genesys Cloud documentation.


Access to the following menu options:

  • Admin > Roles/Permissions
  • Admin > Queues
  • Admin > Assistants
  • Admin > Messenger configuration
  • Admin > Messenger deployment

The following permissions:

  • Assistants > Assistant > View
  • Assistants > Queue > View
  • Knowledge > All permissions
  • Conversation > Suggestions > All permissions

This article lists the best practices to use Genesys Agent Assist.


When you copy an article with hyperlinks to the chat from Genesys Agent Assist, only the embedded text shows up in the chat box.


Before you copy an article with a hyperlink in the chat box, you must manually copy and paste the hyperlink itself into a bracket after the link text.

Resolution for the hyperlink display problem


To improve knowledge article recognition for automatic surfacing, Genesys recommends that you add training phrases to your knowledge articles. 


Phrases are alternative ways of to express the same intent. The knowledge base automatically learns more phrases to existing questions. However, you can add other phrases to an existing question and answer article, which accelerates the learning process and optimizes your knowledge base. For more information, see Add phrases to a knowledge base V2 article.


Use Knowledge Optimizer to improve knowledge surfacing for your agents.


Optimizer is a semi-supervised AI training tool designed for business users. Knowledge optimizer displays phrases your agents use to search for knowledge. You can use the optimizer to improve phrase recognition for automatic article surfacing and to create new articles for your agents. For more information, see Knowledge optimizer overview.