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This documentation applies to Genesys Agent Assist. This feature is available worldwide. For Agent Assist Google CCAI, which is limited to North America region, see the Google CCAI integrations with Genesys Cloud documentation.


Access to the following menu options:

  • Admin > Roles/Permissions
  • Admin > Queues
  • Admin > Assistants
  • Admin > Messenger configuration
  • Admin > Messenger deployment

The following permissions:

  • Assistants > Assistant > View
  • Assistants > Queue > View
  • Knowledge > All permissions
  • Conversation > Suggestions > All permissions

Agents can provide feedback on the knowledge articles that Genesys Agent Assist displays to them.

Click the image to enlarge.

Give feedback on a knowledge article

To give feedback on a knowledge article:

  • If you think the article is eligible, click the Thumbs up icon in the upper right corner. The Thumbs up icon turns green.
  • If you think the article is not eligible, click the Thumbs down icon in the upper right corner. The Thumbs down icon turns red.
    • Optional: In the Provide more detail dropdown list, you can enter a detailed answer.
      1. Select the reason why you think the article is wrong. You have three options to choose from: Content is inaccurate or missing, Didn’t get relevant results, There are typos.
      2. Enter a detailed description in the Any comments? box.
      3. Click Submit to send your response.