The Location Details page provides configuration settings for locations that you can assign to user profiles.

To open this page, follow these steps:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Directory, click Locations.
  3. Click More for the location that you want to edit.
UI element Action
Photo Adds an image to accompany the location in user profiles and the directory.

Specifies the text that accompanies the location in user profiles and in the directory.

This address is the address that emergency services use as the ANI for calls if this location is associated with a telephony site.

Make this location available for use on sites

Enables this location for use with telephony sites. Each telephony site must be associated with a location.

  • Emergency Number — Enter a phone number to use as the ANI for calls to emergency services. This field is mandatory. 

    Important: Register this phone number with an address with your phone carrier.

  • Use as the ANI only if the phone or user doesn’t have a phone number — Only use this number if no other identifying information is available.
  • Always use as the ANI — Always use this number, even if other information is available. When selected, any call from a phone associated with the location’s site sends this ANI to emergency services.


  • Each telephony site in an organization must have an associated location.
  • If you use this location with Genesys Cloud Voice, you must supply a valid ELIN and verified address.
Site Contact Allows you to select people in your organization to designate as site contacts for the location.
Add Floors Opens the Add Location window to add a floor to a location. 
Change Membership Opens the Choose People for Location window to select people for a location.