All components are enabled by default. The Disabled property binds a True/False variable to a component, to disable or enable it based on the runtime value of the variable.

    1. To create a True/False variable, click the Variables tab.

    2. Click Add  to add a variable.

      Figure shows button that adds a new variable.

    3. Select True/False as the data type.

      Figure shows variable data types

    4. In the Name box, type a descriptive name.


    5. Set Default Value to True or False.

      • If the variable is True, then the component is disabled.

      • If the variable is False, then the component is enabled.

    6. To save the variable, click Apply.
    7. Assign the variable to the Disabled property. Below Disabled, click Select Variable.


    8. Select the True/False variable.


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