1. Click Admin.

  2. Under Outbound, click Contactable Time Sets.

  3. To open the properties of an entry, click the intersection of a row and the Name column. When you open an entry for editing, you can rename it or update its time ranges.

    • To rename the entry, edit its Contactable Time Name box.

    • To change a time range, click the name of a range under Contactable Time Ranges.

    • To delete a time range, click .

  4. To define when to contact a zone, click Add New Time Zone below Time Zones. This action opens a page used to define when the system can contact a time zone.

  5. Select a zone from the Time Zone filtered box. Typing all or part of a zone name narrows selections to choose from. For example, if you type “America” or “Africa” in the filter box, it lists zones for those continents. If you don’t type any filter text, it lists all zones. See Understand time zone names.

  6. You can specify when contact is allowed by using a Calendar View or by completing a form using the Detail View. Contactable times defined using either method appear on both tabs.

    To use the Calendar View:

    1. Select the Calendar View tab.

    2. Click in a cell representing start time. Then drag to extend the entry to an end time.

      • Drag downward to lengthen the time you want to allow contacting.

      • Drag horizontally right to extend the schedule to span more than one day. While you are dragging, if you move horizontally on the left side you can decrease the number of days in the span.

      • When you release the left mouse button, the system creates the entry.

      • You cannot delete a span from the Calendar view. Instead, select the Detail View. Then click for the entry to remove it.

    3. Repeat to define when contacting can occur at other times.

    To use the Detail View:

    1. Select the Detail View tab.

    2. In the Day column, select a day of the week when the system can interact.

    3. By default, the system sets start and stop times to business hours (8:00 AM to 05:00 PM). Optionally change default start or stop times by clicking an hour, minute, or AM/PM indicator. Then use the spin control to change the value displayed. You can clear a time by clicking the – icon, or add a different set of times by clicking +. The latter copies the current entry, so that you can tweak start and stop settings.

    4. Repeat to define when contact can occur on other days of the week.

  7. Click Save.


  • A contactable times entry has no effect until you assign it to a campaign.

  • Controls such as disabling the calendar when a user has permission to view time sets, but lacks permission to create, modify, or delete time sets. In this context, users can view time sets viewed in read-only mode.