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Use Architect’s Dependency Search tab to search for flows that have a particular dependency. While the Usages dialog in a flow’s Resources > Dependencies area lists the place or number of places where a dependency resource is used within the flow, the Dependency Search tab lists the flows that contain a particular resource.

Note: Dependency Search applies only to checked in and published flows. Search results do not include working flows or flows that are saved but not checked in or published.

 For example, you can search for and locate all published flows that: 

  • Transfers to the Marketing queue
  • Use the Salesforce URL screen pop
  • Transfers to a specific agent
  • Supports Canadian French language
  • Accesses the user prompt Welcome

From the Architect Home page, select Dependency SearchThe Dependency Search page includes the following fields and columns:

Name Description

Search list

The user-entered reference name shown in the resource.

Criteria name field

Click the arrow at the end of this list to select the resource you want to find. Types include:

  • ACD Skill
  • Bridge Action
  • Contact List
  • Data Action
  • Data Table
  • Emergency Group
  • Flow outcome
  • Group
  • In-Queue Call Flow
  • Inbound Call Flow
  • Language, Language Skill
  • Lex Bot
  • Outbound Call Flow
  • Queue
  • Response
  • Schedule
  • Schedule Group
  • Script
  • Secure Call Flow
  • Secure Data Action
  • System Prompt
  • User
  • User Prompt
  • Wrap-Up Code
  • Dependency name
  • Missing dependencies
  • Text to speech engine and assigned voice

Name column

The name of the flow in which the resource is used. Each flow is represented by a link. Click the link to open the flow.

Type column

The type of flow in which the resource is used. For example, Inbound Call Flow, Outbound Call Flow, or In-Queue Call Flow.

Version column

Details about the version of the flow that contains the resource, including:

  • The version number
  • Whether or not the version shown is the latest version
  • The flow’s published or deleted status

Hover over the version number to see details about the flow, such as the earliest or latest resource match and, if the latest version listed is not published, the published version number. Click the version number to open the Available Versions dialog box. 

Available Versions dialog

Opens when you click a flow’s version number from the Dependency Search page.  If a version contains the search criteria, the word Match appears next to the version number. 

Note: Architect only displays the Match indicator for checked in or published flows that contain the searched resource. If the latest version of a flow is currently in an edited or saved state but has not been checked in or published, it is not considered an exact match, even though the flow may contain the desired resource.

In this dialog, you can:

  • Open any version of the flow
  • Unpublish the currently published version 

Description column

If the flow author included a short sentence or phrase to further describe the flow, the description appears here.