• Architect > UserAdmin or ArchitectUserEditor permission

The Dependency Search tab displays a list of flows that contain a particular resource.

Note: Dependency Search applies only to checked-in and published flows. Search results do not include working flows or flows that are saved but not checked in or published.
  • ACD Skill
  • Contact List
  • Data Action
  • Data Table
  • Emergency Group
  • Flow outcomes
  • Group
  • In-Queue Call Flow
  • Inbound Call Flow
  • Language
  • Language Skill
  • Lex Bot
  • Outbound Call Flow
  • Queue
  • Response
  • Schedule
  • Schedule Group
  • Script
  • Secure Call Flow
  • Secure Data Action
  • System Prompt
  • User
  • User Prompt
  • Utilization Label
  • Wrap-Up Code
  • Search for missing dependencies
  • Search by dependency name

Note: For instructions on using Search by name, see the Suggested content.

To search for flows that use a specific dependency resource:

  1. From the Architect home page, click the Dependency Search tab.
  2. Click Select a dependency type and select the type of resource by which to search.
  3. Click the Select… field, enter the first few letters of the dependency name, and select it from the list.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • To open the latest checked in or published version, click a flow name.
    • To find exact matches, open a specific version, or unpublish a published version of the flow, click a flow’s Version link.