Rebuild the dependency database

  • Architect > Dependency Tracking > Rebuild permission

Part of the dependency tracking feature includes notification about the state of the dependency database; specifically, if the database needs to be rebuilt or is in a rebuilt state.

Note: If you do not have the appropriate permission, you can see the rebuild status, but you cannot perform the rebuild.

A database might need a rebuild if Architect identifies an inconsistency in the stored data. At times, you may perform a dependency search when the dependency database is in the process of being rebuilt. In these situations, you may only receive partial results in a dependency search. 

When a dependency search will result in partial results and a rebuild is necessary to reconcile the database, Architect returns a message on the Dependency tab, informing you that a rebuild is necessary prior to executing the search. In this case, the system proactively lets you know you will receive partial results prior to a search. 

Administrators can also reprocess database objects related to dependencies by clicking the gear box and selecting Force rebuild. This feature allows you to check the database status without performing a search to see if the database needs to be rebuilt.