Typically, when you search for a dependency resource from the Dependency Search tab, select the type and then choose the specific dependency by name to find all flows that contain it. However, when a resource is deleted, it is no longer available in the dependency type’s drop-down list. 

For example, assume you wand to find flows that contain the recently-deleted Marketing queue. If you select the Queue dependency type, Marketing no longer appears in the Queue dependency list. To find flows that use a deleted resource, use the Name type and enter the exact name of the resource.

  1. From the Architect home page, click the Dependency Search tab.
  2. Click Select a dependency type and choose Search by dependency name.
  3. In the Enter name of dependency field, type the exact name of the resource for which you want to search. Architect returns a list of flows.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click a flow name to open the latest checked in or published version.
    • Click a flow’s Version link to find exact matches, open a specific version, or unpublish a published version of the flow.