Create a remote phone


  • Telephony Admin role

Once you created a remote phone base settings profile, you can create the phone profile. This profile contains a a few settings found on the Phone tab that define the remote phone in PureCloud. Some settings on the Phone tab are inherited from the base settings. However, you can customize the phone by altering any of the settings that it inherited from the base settings configuration-without effecting the original base settings configuration. See Inherited settings.

Note: A call to a cell phone configured as a remote phone in PureCloud may not connect if the number is not assigned to a PureCloud user profile. Some cell carriers do not allow calls to unassigned numbers.

Configure the phone

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Phone Management.
  3. Click the Phones tab.
  4. Click Create New and the Phone tab appears. remote_phone_tab
  5. Enter a name in the Phone Name field.
  6. From the Base Settings drop-down list, select the base settings entry.
  7. From the Site drop-down list, select your site.
  8. In the Remote Address field, enter the phone’s SIP address or remote phone number. 
  9. Perform one of the following:
  • To use the default phone configuration settings and complete the remote phone configuration, click Save Phone.
  • To customize the phone configuration settings, proceed to the Customize the Phone section of this article.

Customize the phone

  1. In the Phone Configuration panel, click the arrow to expand the section containing the settings you want to customize.

Setting Description
Persistent Connection Settings

When the persistent connection feature is disabled, PureCloud must create a connection for every call.

When you enable the persistent connection feature and set a timeout value, you improve PureCloud’s ability to process subsequent calls. More specifically, calls that come in while the connection is still active, are handled more efficiently because they can immediately use the existing connection.

Note: While remote phones support the persistent connection feature, they do not support the auto answer feature.

Enable Persistent Connection

Disabled (Default): Do not use persistent connection feature.

Enabled: Turn on persistent connection feature.

Persistent Connection Timeout Sets the amount of time, in seconds, that the open connection can remain idle before PureCloud automatically closes it.

The Custom option is designed to allow PureCloud Customer Care personnel to alter a phone configuration for troubleshooting or special circumstances. You should only enter custom property settings as directed by PureCloud Customer Care.
Setting Description
Property Name The name to assign to the custom property.
Data Type  The data type for the custom property.
Value The value to assign the custom property.

  1. To use the custom phone configuration settings and complete the remote phone configuration, click Save Phone.