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Before you can create a phone under Genesys Cloud Voice, you need to create a customized base settings configuration for the phone. The base settings configuration contains a group of settings found on the Base Phone and Base Line Appearance tabs in Phone Management and it defines how a phone is to operate in Genesys Cloud. Once you create a base settings configuration, you can create and configure a phone.

Note: Make sure that you are using a Genesys Cloud Voice compatible phone.
  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Phone Management.
  3. Click the Base Settings tab.
  4. Click Add Base Settings.

Base Phone tab

Configure settings on the Base Phone tab.

  1. Type a name in the Base Settings Name box.
  2. From the Phone Make and Model list, select your phone.
  3. Leave Standalone Features set to Off unless you are creating a base settings configuration for conference room phones. See Enable standalone features.
  4. Under the Phone Configuration section:
    1. Click Media.
    2. In the RTP Audio Port Start Range box, type 16384.
    3. Under Preferred Codec List, use the controls to create a list that only consists of the following codecs in this order:
      • audio/opus
      • audio/PCMU
    4. Click Network.
    5. Under Provisioning, from the Provisioning Source list, select From the Genesys Cloud provisioning service
  5. Click the Base Line Appearance tab.

Base Line Appearance tab

Configure settings on the Base Line Appearance tab.

  1. Type a name in the Key Label box.
  2. If you want this appearance to be available on the other keys, select the Span appearance to remaining keys check box.
  3. Under the Configuration section:
    1. Click  Signaling.
    2. From the Protocol list, select TLS.
    3. In the Listen Port box, type 8061.
    4. In the Registration period box, type 120.
      Note: Your local firewall may require a lower value for the Registration period.
  4. Click Save Base Settings.
  5. Proceed to Create a phone article.