Enable standalone features


  • Telephony Admin role

The standalone features setting is designed to allow you to configure a phone for use in a conference room or other common area where anyone can use it. In other words, a phone with the standalone features enabled will not be assigned to a specific user.

The standalone features setting is presented as a switch with on and off positions. By default, switch is set to off. There is an additional monthly fee for every phone that uses standalone features.

You can enable the standalone features setting in either base settings or phone settings. The place you enable it depends on the desired outcome.

Note: Standalone phones do not support voicemail.

You enable the standalone features setting on the Base Phone tab when you want to create a single base setting for use by all phones that you place in conference rooms or common areas.

You can only enable the standalone features when you create a new base settings configuration. Once you save a base settings configuration, you cannot change the standalone features setting.standalonebasephone

Note: If you enable the standalone features setting in base settings, then every phone to which you assign that base setting incurs an additional monthly fee.

You enable the standalone features on the Phone tab when you want to configure an individual phone for use in a conference room or a common area.standalonephone

Note: If you enable the standalone features setting in phone settings, then that phone incurs an additional monthly fee.