Your agents can use the links below to access resources and tasks related to configuration settings and interactions with customers.

Category Resource information

Get started 

Learn how to log in and set your password. Select a phone to accept calls and voice interactions.

Learn the basics

Learn about your personal settings, profiles, and how to conduct searches.

Gauge your performance

Use the My Performance views to gauge your historical performance in comparison to your team’s performance, view time management status metrics, and view evaluated interactions.


Interact with customers using calls and web chat, enter after contact work information, learn how to disposition interactions with wrap-up codes, and request assistance with interactions.

Learn about integrations

See About the Genesys Cloud embedded clients to help familiarize yourself with the Genesys Cloud for Salesforce, Genesys Cloud for Zendesk, Genesys Cloud for Chrome, and Genesys Cloud for Firefox integrations.

Understand queues

See the following articles to learn how to navigate and select queues:

About agent interactions

Learn how to go on queue, navigate and work with voice, callback, voicemail, chat, email, and message interactions, and more.

Web chat

See Work with chat interactions to learn about answering and managing chats with customers.